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This Pandemic is teaching us so many things!!

Did we ever think a time like this will come when a mere thought of going out will give you jitters?

Did we ever think we will long for a carefree stroll in park or a regular jog in the neighborhood?

Did we ever think that wearing masks will be a necessity?

Did we ever think we will have to home-school kids along with working from home?

Did we ever think that seeing a hand sanitizer back in stock will give us so much happiness?

Did we ever think that having decent amount of groceries at home is a blessing?

Did we ever think that the friends we often avoid to meet in daily hustle bustle, our heart will long to share a cup of coffee with them?

Did we ever think that travelling will fill us with utmost anxiety?

No!! We did not imagine all of this happening and at times it feels like I am living inside a Sci-Fi Movie. I wished that was the truth but it isn’t.

Before we knew about the existence of Covid 19 , we took each and everything so much for granted! And now when we are stuck with it we are realizing how small things like just going out for a picnic with family or spending time at work with colleagues or going to your favorite restaurant or a usual Target or Walmart run , mean so much.. How all these things balance our life. Its good that we finally realize this so that once things are back to normal we never crib about it..

On a brighter side, all of us can use this time to bond with family the way we always wanted but were never able to due to lack of time. We can contribute to the chores we never even dared to take up. We can connect over a video call or a simple voice call with friends and relatives we couldn’t take time out of our busy schedule for.. Believe it or not, its God’s way of giving us the long lost time we yearned for in our busy lives. Lets just feel blessed for all the things we have and pray to God for recovery of world from this crazy virus.

Lets take this time to count our blessings and believe in ” Good”!! And above all lets not forget the lessons this Pandemic has taught us!!


Published by newmomsaga

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