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This Pandemic is teaching us so many things!!

Did we ever think a time like this will come when a mere thought of going out will give you jitters?

Did we ever think we will long for a carefree stroll in park or a regular jog in the neighborhood?

Did we ever think that wearing masks will be a necessity?

Did we ever think we will have to home-school kids along with working from home?

Did we ever think that seeing a hand sanitizer back in stock will give us so much happiness?

Did we ever think that having decent amount of groceries at home is a blessing?

Did we ever think that the friends we often avoid to meet in daily hustle bustle, our heart will long to share a cup of coffee with them?

Did we ever think that travelling will fill us with utmost anxiety?

No!! We did not imagine all of this happening and at times it feels like I am living inside a Sci-Fi Movie. I wished that was the truth but it isn’t.

Before we knew about the existence of Covid 19 , we took each and everything so much for granted! And now when we are stuck with it we are realizing how small things like just going out for a picnic with family or spending time at work with colleagues or going to your favorite restaurant or a usual Target or Walmart run , mean so much.. How all these things balance our life. Its good that we finally realize this so that once things are back to normal we never crib about it..

On a brighter side, all of us can use this time to bond with family the way we always wanted but were never able to due to lack of time. We can contribute to the chores we never even dared to take up. We can connect over a video call or a simple voice call with friends and relatives we couldn’t take time out of our busy schedule for.. Believe it or not, its God’s way of giving us the long lost time we yearned for in our busy lives. Lets just feel blessed for all the things we have and pray to God for recovery of world from this crazy virus.

Lets take this time to count our blessings and believe in ” Good”!! And above all lets not forget the lessons this Pandemic has taught us!!


The day I found out that we were going to grow into a Family of 3!!

These two lines changed our lives forever

I remeber I had some funny symptoms like I was sleeping like crazy and felt more exhausted than usual , so I decided to take the test before even missing my cycle..One fine morning, I woke up and took the HPT with me to the bathroom while getting ready for work..I took the test and did not even look at the result assuming it will be negative since I just had a hunch that I might be pregnant .Right before I was ready to trash it, I looked at those two pink lines and my heart skipped a beat!! I literally pinched myself to check if I wasn’t day dreaming..I was shaking and didn’t know what to do next!!Do I go to hubby and tell him ryt away? Should I wait and take another test?There was a whole gush of emotions in me and I was speechless..

After taking a moment, I went to our bedroom to wake him up and break the news to him..I woke him up saying “The test is positive “ ..He opened his eyes and smiled ..Then he suddenly sat up rubbing his eyes..I told him it wasn’t a dream , it was reality and showed him the test..

I was so excited that I couldn’t hide it from my parents who had come to visit us then and I told my two besties right away..I retook the test in evening, just to be sure.I know it sounds crazy right?

It took me a week to actually sink in that I actually was expecting our first baby..I was so happy and excited that I immediately installed two apps in my phone ..One was “The Bump” and the other was “BabyCenter” ..I would check every week the details of progress of pregnancy on these apps and wonder how a tiny life was growing inside me..

Just remembering the moment when I tested positive for pregnancy gives me goosebumps and makes me smile..Truly Motherhood is a blessing and nothing lesser than magical experience.

Cherish the love you have!!

Ye kahan aa gaye hum yuhin saath saath chalte!!

Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

Another year passed and here we are welcoming 2020 with new zeal and hopes..The past year was a pretty eventful year for our family and I am truly grateful to God for giving me such a lovely family and such loving and caring friends.

I was sitting and thinking about the past decade and I realized that this was full of so many personal milestones. Not only I made so many friends for life but also met my life partner, my soulmate & my very best friend.

Thanks to Alpana and Pragun for this Blog Hop which got my creative juices flowing and here I am writing about one very important relationship of my life ..The clues I picked are in the picture above.Here goes our story 🙂

I met my husband on our very first day of work in 2010 and we instantly hit off as friends. It was our mutual love for food that made us meet over lunch and evening snacks. We became such good friends that we started discussing about life, career and all kind of serious things. Not a many people trust me on this but we had nothing romantic going on at that point of time and it was one pure friendship we had.It was so innocent, sweet and mutual. Fortunately, due to our job we travelled together quite often and that strengthened our bond.

The very next year 2011 was a particularly low year in my life but this friend of mine stayed by me all through uplifting me at each and every step, and it meant so much to me. It wasn’t until beginning of 2012 ,we realized that there was something more than friendship going on here and we started dating. Got married in 2013 and it has been one of the best things that happened to me this last decade including us welcoming our daughter in 2016.

Parenthood made our love stronger because truly not all the days were picture pretty.I remember those sleepless nights and how it used to take a toll on us and we would end up fighting.We never left any argument open and sought out differences.Now we look back at those early parenting days and joke about it.

We have been married for 6 years now and known each other for almost 10 years and the journey has been so pleasant and has had so many flavors. From being friends to lovers to being married and becoming parents, we have grown together and the following song lines feel so right : “Ye kahan aa gaye hum yuhin saath saath chalte “

I can’t wait to make more beautiful memories in this journey of life with my soulmate and at every step I am utterly thankful to God for bestowing upon me all his love and blessings. Life isnt’t always a bed of roses and we too have some tough times but we choose to look at the good part of it and that is something which keeps us going through all of it. We know that no matter what happens we are in it together. I guess this is what true companionship is and am blessed to have it with my husband .

This post is a part of #ALPxGUN BlogHop #BollyExpress hosted by Alpana and PraGun and sponsored by – UnorthodoxpeepsRangPotliExploreKidsWorldSoulfulFood and, Praggatti Rao

When the Teeny Tiny Feet enter your world

When the tiny feet enter your world…..

I still remember the day very vividly when my little bundle of joy entered our lives. 

The moment I heard her cry in the OR, I knew my life was going to change I had been preparing for in the last 38 weeks.

Initially the days were stressful and the nights were sleepless and I was always anxious if I was actually doing the mom job correctly or not.

Looking at my little angel’s cute little face , made all the worries and anxieties vanish away in seconds. 

I am sure all the new parents go through a similar experience and I intend to share mine and help through sharing my thoughts and my learning from the experiences.