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The day I found out that we were going to grow into a Family of 3!!

These two lines changed our lives forever

I remeber I had some funny symptoms like I was sleeping like crazy and felt more exhausted than usual , so I decided to take the test before even missing my cycle..One fine morning, I woke up and took the HPT with me to the bathroom while getting ready for work..I took the test and did not even look at the result assuming it will be negative since I just had a hunch that I might be pregnant .Right before I was ready to trash it, I looked at those two pink lines and my heart skipped a beat!! I literally pinched myself to check if I wasn’t day dreaming..I was shaking and didn’t know what to do next!!Do I go to hubby and tell him ryt away? Should I wait and take another test?There was a whole gush of emotions in me and I was speechless..

After taking a moment, I went to our bedroom to wake him up and break the news to him..I woke him up saying “The test is positive “ ..He opened his eyes and smiled ..Then he suddenly sat up rubbing his eyes..I told him it wasn’t a dream , it was reality and showed him the test..

I was so excited that I couldn’t hide it from my parents who had come to visit us then and I told my two besties right away..I retook the test in evening, just to be sure.I know it sounds crazy right?

It took me a week to actually sink in that I actually was expecting our first baby..I was so happy and excited that I immediately installed two apps in my phone ..One was “The Bump” and the other was “BabyCenter” ..I would check every week the details of progress of pregnancy on these apps and wonder how a tiny life was growing inside me..

Just remembering the moment when I tested positive for pregnancy gives me goosebumps and makes me smile..Truly Motherhood is a blessing and nothing lesser than magical experience.


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